Chrome tests the combined menu

    Alex Chitu noticed that in the latest test builds of Chromium and Google Chrome there was an opportunity to use a unified menu. It includes most of the options that were available in the page setup menu and in the tool menu.

    If you are using the latest test build of Chromium or Google Chrome, you can enable this menu by adding the --new-wrench-menu flag to the browser shortcut.

    On the left is a screenshot of Alex Chita, on the right is mine:

    As you can see, for some reason they are different. In the first version, for compactness, the options for cutting, copying and pasting text are combined in one paragraph, and in the other paragraph, the zoom options with the inclusion of a full-screen view are similarly combined. In my version, this is not, but, in general, the idea of ​​a unified menu seems to me not bad. How about you?

    UPD: slightly updated.

    UPD 2: it turns out, the fact is that on the left is Chromium, and on the right is Chrome (thanks, dimap ). mr_gorbunov wrote a detailed explanation .

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