AlterGeo on Samsung Bada

    More recently, sales of the new Samsung Wave smartphone running on the Bada platform have started in Russia. And we already managed to release the AlterGeo geolocation application for a new platform.

    Having determined your location, AlterGeo for Samsung Bada will find all the places nearby and specify information on them (reviews, ratings, contacts, average score, distance, etc.), show where your friends are and where they are now, will allow you to become mayor of your beloved ones establishments, receive free drinks and other bonuses in them.

    The application uses our own hybrid geo-positioning technology based on WiFi, GSM, WiMax and IP, which is also successfully used in Yandex, SUP and other companies.

    image image image

    AlterGeo can now be downloaded for free from Samsung Apps .

    AlterGeo is also available on iPhone , Android , Windows Mobile (beta). In early July, we plan to release a fully functional version for Symbian .

    Samsung Bada seems to us a rather interesting platform. Read more about Samsung Bada and Samsung Wave here and here . What do you think of Samsung’s new creation?

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