On the issue of piracy of audio and video products

      The current trend of piracy of audio and video products makes it clear that the old distribution and reward accumulation system does not work well in the digital environment and it is very expensive to fight pirates, if not useless. Everyone understands that in the era of broadband Internet, it is necessary to comprehend the new rules for the distribution of digital content and stop trying to make a profit in any way.
      One of the options may be the formation of a segment of free original versions of products with low quality, distributed through official channels. In this way, it would be possible to legally receive audio data with quality, for example, comparable to mp3 encoded with a bitrate of 128 kbps and video up to 320x240 with additional markers on the free recording to prevent resale. These products would fully satisfy consumers who download screen copies of films and music for a single listening and inflict a significant blow on the creation and distribution of low-quality pirated products.

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