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    The head of the Twitter analytics department, Kevin Vale , posted interesting TPS statistics a few days ago (tweets per second - tweets per second).

    It turns out that people engaged in Twitter analytics, all the days since the start of the World Cup and the NBA League championship, purposefully monitor sports matches and their results, but much more carefully - the number of tweets around the world for 30 seconds after each goal. And over the past weeks, several records have been set that are directly related to how things are in the world of big sport.

    Two weeks ago, the most talked about events on Twitter were:

    1. June 14th, the first goal of the match Japan - Cameroon (2,940 TPS)
    2. June 14, the first goal of the match Brazil - North Korea (2,928 TPS)
    3. June 11, Mexico's victory over South Africa (2,704 TPS)

    However, even these numbers make you smile when you see the number of tweets per second after playing the two legendary teams of the American Basketball Association. The game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics ended with a score of 3,085 TPS, which was a record on June 18th.

    As usual - for the time being, for the time being. Namely, before the final whistle of the referee in the match Japan - Denmark, which ended with the result of 3: 1 and 3.283 TPS. On average, after interesting goals, the TPS indicator around the world keeps at 750.

    Of course, it will be much more interesting to look at the same statistics after the semi-finals and the World Cup finals, will TPS overcome the 4k border?

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