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    Users often complain that they cannot find something new or, on the contrary, similar to what they read. A search using a conventional search engine is not always able to produce the desired results. To solve this problem, we created Tagsrating - a resource aimed at facilitating Internet searches. Our database contains more than 500,000 sites and more than 30,000 tags in all languages. You can search by tags, getting a list of suitable sites with brief information about them: tags, occupied space and monthly number of visitors in the USA and around the world. Related tags are shown on the right, which can also facilitate searches or interest you.


    Having chosen a domain of interest, the user receives a lot of information: site rating by tags, description, domain age, daily audience reach, list of similar sites read by other users, monthly number of unique visitors, demographic profiles, search engine details and much more information needed. From here, the user can go to any of the sites or tags or update the report.


    The “Top 1000” page contains a list of thousands of the most popular sites, and the “Last Visited” page contains the 10 most recently viewed domains and tags.
    Having found something interesting, you can immediately share it with everyone: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google and many more bookmarks of social services are at your service. To speed up the search and ease of navigation, toolbars for the popular Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers are available.

    Tagsrating is available in three languages: Russian, English and Ukrainian.

    Of the additional little things - a page with domain information can be saved in pdf and printed without ads, top, left blocks and other tinsel.

    The toolbar for Fox is located at: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/161818

    Website address:http://tagsrating.com

    I would like to hear your opinion about the service.

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