Google has opened access to Froyo

    According to Google , every day around the world, 160 thousand Android devices are activated, that is, people for the first time start using two Android devices every second. In total, 60 Android-compatible devices are now available, manufactured by 21 companies and distributed by 59 mobile operators in 49 countries. Android devices are selling faster than they have time to produce.

    Wanting to give significance to the noted successes, and also in honor of the launch of Droid X , Google has opened full access to Android 2.2 to its partners engaged in the production of relevant devices. So soon we can expect more devices on Froyo, as well as the release of updates for existing ones.

    For Android 2.2 developers, the platform is available as a downloadable component for the Android SDK. The downloadable platform includes a fully compatible Android library and system image, as well as a set of emulator skins, sample programs, and much more. The downloadable platform does not include external libraries.

    UPD: I really messed up a bit at the end, thanks stari4ek. The Android SDK for 2.2 was available starting with the announcement of 2.2, and now the source code of the system itself is available at .

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