Google won the case against Viacom

    Google has won a lawsuit against Viacom conglomerate, which accuses YouTube of copyright infringement. The Southern District Federal Court of New York refused Viacom to file a lawsuit worth $ 1 billion. The reason for the refusal was the Copyright Act in the digital age .

    Judge Louis Stanton concurs with Google’s argument that YouTube is subject to the Digital Age copyright law. According to this law, a resource hosting user-generated content is not responsible for it if it is ready to remove copyright-infringing materials at the request of the copyright holder. In general, the judge agreed with almost all of Google's arguments in his defense, noting only that more efforts should be made to combat pirated content on YouTube.

    Google Vice President Kent Walker wrote on the YouTube blog that this is a very important victory, not only for them, but also for billions of people around the world who use the network to communicate and share experiences with each other.

    At the same time, Viacom representatives said they were planning to appeal. In their view, this judgment is fundamentally erroneous and contradicts the essence of the Copyright Act in the digital age.

    The text of the judgment can be found at .

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