Libox - a new free service for publishing media

    imageLiterally today, an interesting Libox service has appeared on the network. We all heard about DropBox and similar remote storage systems. Libox is different from similar systems. The fact is that in the case of network storages, user data is stored on a remote machine of a company that provides cloud service services.

    In the case of Libox, the data "does not go anywhere" from the user's computer. The system is focused on working with multimedia content, such as photos, audio and video. Without going into the subtleties of technology, we can say the work of Libox is similar to the work of a torrent tracker.


    The user installs a special Libox application on his computer, opens access to data for certain user groups and devices. Moreover, access to viewing content can be obtained not only from a computer, but generally from any device that has a browser with support for HTML 5.0, well, and smart Internet of course.

    The logic of the service is simple: the user opens access to his data, then his friends or he himself views this data from his smartphone or work computer. Moreover, no codecs or specialized software for watching videos or photos is necessary.

    Currently, the following functionality is available in Libox:
    • Automatic synchronization of media files between any devices on which Libox is installed
    • Access to media from any computer or device from which you can access the Libox website
    • Distribution of media between acquaintances or those who will have access

    At this stage, the provided functionality is free, but the company is not going to make it paid in the future. The fact is that Libox developers plan to make money on users who wish to buy a place on the server to back up data. Here is the official website of the service where you can register and download the client.

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