Why engineers don't like Twitter

    Specialized engineering site EE Times conducted a survey of its readers to find out their attitude to twitter. The results were quite unexpected. It turned out that 85% of them do not use the microblogging service at all. An extremely small part of the audience has a positive attitude towards him, and 20% of engineers expressed an extreme degree of negative.

    Explaining the reasons for the negative attitude, more than half of the engineers and programmers agreed with the phrase “I don't give a damn what you had for breakfast,” others mentioned “wasting time and electrons.”

    “Productive [chip design] development requires long periods of thought, during which no one should be distracting,” said Jeffrey Tuttle, an engineer with 20 years of experience, “and Twitter is intrusive and distracting in nature. Apparently, it was created for people who have nothing to do. "

    “It's all a matter of time,” agrees Tim Schneider, a leading BSEE specialist. “Engineers almost never have enough free time.” Our work requires a lot of concentration and considerable mental effort. " At the same time, Schneider himself uses Twitter quite actively, where he redirected all his RSS feeds, communicates with some colleagues and keeps track of announcements of new products. According to him, this way you can more effectively filter and manage information.

    Although according to statistics, the average age of a Twitter user is 39.1 years (almost the maximum figure among all social services), but many engineers believe that this is more of a toy for young people.

    The survey was conducted on a focus group of 285 people.

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