How to track the effectiveness of advertising in the online store, part 2. iStat project

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    Due to the fact that the previous article Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising in an online store received a positive response on Habré, it was decided to put our experience on statistics into a separate project. Meet - iStat , innovative analytics! (Beta). Also, thanks to the criticism received, it turned out that the scheme can even be simplified and made more universal.

    So, we evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in the online store

    As in the previous article, we will evaluate the effectiveness of advertising not by classic indicators - traffic, goal setting, viewing depth, failure rate, etc., but by the number of incoming calls .

    Step 1. Break advertising into groups, for example SEO , Context and banners .
    Step 2. We buy 3 direct city telephone numbers.
    Step 3. Install the iStat module on the site that can remember visitors and show them different phone numbers.
    Step 4We write down the rules for displaying telephones for visitors with different advertisements in the system and enjoy the statistics (all calls go to redirect to the phone number you need):

    How it works , you can see on the example of the website :
    1. Go to iStat., remember the phone number.
    2. We pass to the special test page which imitates transitions to iStat from various advertising campaigns.
    3. From there we go to - the phone number has changed, calls to it are recorded and displayed in real time on the statistics page.

    There, on, on the admin page (login demo , password demo) you can see an example of statistics and also edit the rules for displaying phones.

    A few words about why this system is needed, to whom it will be useful.

    If in your online store more than half of the orders are made not through the basket, namely by phone, then the direct indicator of the effectiveness of advertising will be the number of incoming calls , and not the traffic and the depth of viewing the site’s pages.

    Of course, we can say that the most accurate indicator of advertising effectiveness is the number of sales.
    But here it must be borne in mind that if a person already called your store, then most likely he already wants to purchase the goods. And if the call does not lead to a purchase, then there is already a need to look for a problem in the store - there may be problems with the availability of goods, delivery conditions, the work of managers and more.

    To summarize, we can say that customer calls are a fairly accurate indicator that advertising is working, and it is the store’s job to convert calls to orders.

    PS Due to the fact that the service is launched in beta mode, any criticism, wishes, objections and even just flood on the topic are welcome :)

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