Smoothing in Windows is about the same as in Mac OS

    The safari browser is good, in my opinion, almost only with smoothing.
    Many other things, such as restoring closed tabs, or working with a flash and even its stability do not suit me.
    You get used to good things and reading text in other browsers is already unpleasant.
    It turned out that there is a simple, though not perfect solution to this problem.
    GDI ++.
    The correct implementation seemed to me gdipp .
    Beta 0.8.1 did not start under WinXP, but 0.7.6 Stable worked right away, and it became a little easier to live (there are worse differences from Safari, but it's better than nothing).
    1. It looks like this: before / after
    2. In order to work in chrome, you need to disable the sandbox - run with the parameter --no-sandbox

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