Free Linux Libertine, Linux Biolinum, and some of the Arkandis Digital Foundry fonts have been updated.

    On, in the blog post “ The Epidemic of Free Fonts ” they talk about the fact that this year an update of several free (open, free) fonts was released at once.

    First of all, it is the Linux Libertine headset (conceived as an analogue of the Times New Roman in character sizes), and with it the Linux Biolinum headset is available on the same site for download in the same file set.

    Also, several free Arkandis Digital Foundry headsets were updated at once (these are “Berenis-Pro”, “Gillius Collection” and “Tribun-Std”), as well as the font “SwitzeraADF” (it is available on the improvements page, since it was not developed from scratch in Arkandis, but is a refinement of the font “Vera Sans”).

    The author of the LOR blog entry believes that all these fonts are intended to be used in printed documents rather than in application interface elements. To me, his judgment seems, however, too categorical: the Linux Libertine headset seems ready for the Web, and the Linux Biolinum headset would be quite suitable for sites if only kerning was okay with it. Also, it seems that Arkandis believes that their Berenis-Pro headset is suitable for use on websites, as long as they use its version in the WOFF format in the same archive for download as OTF.

    Personally, I was pleased with the presence in Linux Libertine and in Linux Biolinum of the letters of the pre-Bolshevik Cyrillic alphabet (ѣ, ѵ, і, ѳ, ѳ), but the Berenis-Pro headset is generally less for the Russian language what is suitable because it not only does not contain our letters, but is also filled with spaces instead of them.

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