Parted Magic 4.11

    Yesterday, June 14, 2010, a new version of the lightweight Linux distribution for partition management was released.

    The following components are updated in this version:
    ext3grep-0.10.2, fsarchiver-0.6.10, gdisk-0.6.7, hdparm-9.28, lftp-4.0.7, lzip-1.10, ms-sys-2.1.5, openssh-5.5 p1, gencfs-1.0.2, gsshfs-1.0.3, sgsearch-1.1.3, chromium-6.0.424.0, gsshfs-1.0.1, linux-, parted-2.3, syslinux-3.86, mc-20100509_git, ntfs-3g-2010.5.22, super_grub_disk_1.98s1, udev-157.

    Xarchiver was removed from the distribution, now File Roller is used as the archive manager.

    The following programs were added: lm_sensors-3.1.1, perl-5.10.1, dbrl-1.9.5-79, clonezilla-2.3.5-21, rarlinux-3.9.3, unrar-3.9.7, vmfs-tools-0.2 .1

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