Ubuntu will be able to restore applications and settings

Original author: Marius Nestor
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This is not just an idea. This is what (finally) will be implemented in future versions of Ubuntu. To get started, let me give you an example: I want to reinstall Ubuntu and I need to save some data of some applications (such as bookmarks, Firefox passwords; list of Filezilla sites; some Pidgin files; VirtualBox settings and its hard drives and some other files), I will also have to reinstall the programs that I often use, restore AWN shortcuts and all that. How long will it take? My precious time!

How to solve this problem? Some developers are preparing a new application called OneConf. It will be based on the Ubuntu One service. The main idea of ​​OneConf is to keep a list of installed software, their settings and status. How will this be achieved? By simply storing all this information in the Ubuntu One online storage. This means that when OneConf comes out, I can save everything I need (well, almost all) with a few clicks, rearrange the OS and, with a few clicks, return everything to its place within a few minutes.


On the screen you can see the "concept" of the future OneConf, integrated into the Ubuntu Application Center. Here are some more scenarios where OneConf will be more than useful and save a lot of time:

“The user has reinstalled Ubuntu and wants to reinstall some / all of the applications from the old installation. The user also wants to restore some / all of the settings from the old installation. "

" The user has a desktop PC and a laptop. The user wants some / all of his applications to be synchronized between the two computers, but does not want to synchronize the default applications available on Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Netbook. ”

“The user has a computer at home and at work. The set of applications on these computers is different, and he wants to keep separate lists of applications for each computer. ”

OneConf developers also want to integrate the application into the Ubuntu installer. This will allow, upon completion of the installation, to get a fully configured OS for the user, with all the configs and the necessary applications. It will be possible to start work instantly, without wasting time setting up the OS "for you." Finally!

And the best part! Particularly curious users can try the console test version of the application. Instructions here . Do not forget that the version is test and may harm your data.

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