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    I bought a wifi router type N on ( I paid, waited, connected and could not get enough of it - all that is needed for 25 oyro. This cost 75 from a linkis in a store.

    After 4 months of excellent work, the Chinese noime stopped working for unknown reasons. Wi-Fi works for half an hour, and then the Internet disappears, the router does not give out IP (although Wi-Fi on the computer shows that there is a physical connection). Maybe some thread of the electrolytic has dried up, maybe something else ... Now it’s impossible to reach it even by the lace :(

    But the post is not about that. The

    post that this same dilextreme does not give a guarantee and therefore it is necessary to use it carefully. Sometimes it’s better not to use based on these considerations:

    1) the Chinese cost 25 oyro and worked 1/3 years = 75 oyro per year
    2) the old WRT54GC linker worked 3 years before and cost 75 oyro = 25 oyro per year

    Total company lensis with a one-day replacement guarantee, without waiting for the parcel within 2 months, with firmware updates, etc. In fact, it cost me 3 times cheaper than the Chinese noun.

    Personally, I decided to take on this dilextreme only any cables and charging for up to $ 10. Those. something that doesn’t break down very much and that it’s not a pity in the event of a breakdown.

    Good luck to all

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