BolgenOS: denials from the Office of Education and the TV channel

    I understand that the topic of BolgenOS is fed up, but since the unverified news about installing BolgenOS in schools has come to the main , we hope that the refutation of this information will also not go unnoticed.

    So, unlike journalists, for whom verification of published facts has recently become a rarity, we were not too lazy and called the Education Department of the Administration of Nizhny Tagil. The secretary of the chief did not give us comments, advising us to call the Methodological Department of the Information and Methodological Center. Director of the Department, Smirnov Viktor Nikolaevich, gave a comment in which he assured that there was no such orderthat he is aware of this whole story, he himself stands for Linux, but who and why blew up the story, does not know that the assembly was only a student’s term paper and there are problems with copyrights. In general, he showed good knowledge of the subject and general adequacy.

    Meanwhile, the television company Telekon , which showed the same report , today issued a rebuttal report (discussed separately here ). And their site and forum still lie from the influx of visitors due to the popularity of the topic on the forum with the demand for a rebuttal created by your humble servant ...

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