How much to hang in grams?

    Just a week after the preliminary announcement of the release of the SaaS version for WEBO Site SpeedUp, we are pleased to announce that it is already in beta.
    What is SaaS in our understanding: this is an opportunity to pay only for the used features of the product and only for the time when they are used. All this is already in the new beta version of the product for automatic website acceleration.

    A bit more about the concept

    In WEBO Site SpeedUp version 1.0, configurations appeared, switching between which you could easily select the required level of acceleration. In version 1.2, we went further and introduce flexible billing for these configurations. Now you can turn on the maximum performance for the site at the moment of traffic flow, and when performing, for example, technical work, turn off optimization completely.

    To implement such a flexible website optimization, a balance is introduced inside WEBO Site SpeedUp, which is consumed over time according to the selected configuration. Each configuration has a daily expense, which is formed due to the included paid options (all those that were available only in the full version of the product - now they are also in the SaaS version).

    For comparison: the full version of WEBO Site SpeedUp now costs 1999 a year. If all its functionality is not needed, then you can enable the settings at a minimum, for example, costing 12 points, or about 1.2 rubles per day. This will be only 36 rubles per month, or 432 rubles per year.

    To replenish the balance, it will be enough to purchase the appropriate module (we plan to make this possible via SMS) and activate it for the product.

    How to try SaaS version

    1. You need to download the latest WEBO Site SpeedUp (1.2.0)
    or update the current version to the latest beta (System Status - Update - Show beta information)
    2 Then get the test key on the Personal Data page in the product. For version 1.2.0, this activates SaaS.
    3. Next, configure the product or use the current configuration.

    Bugs and stuff

    There are a number of flaws in the logic of calculating the cost of applying optimization (especially in the user interface: not all browsers are correctly tested). You can help find and fix errors by publishing a clear description in the running tracker:
    All beta users will receive certificates to replenish their balance at the end of testing (depending on the number open tickets).

    Switching from normal to SaaS version

    If you have already purchased the full or lite version of WEBO Site SpeedUp, but want to use the SaaS version functionality, then your current subscription can be reissued. To do this, send a request with your license key to .

    And some product news

    Recently, several serious innovations have been made:
    1. Added delayed loading for social widgets, accelerating the site according to Google Webmasters.
    2. Added full support for the functionality of all known CDNs.
    3. There is a native integration with CS-Cart, which still perfectly caches pages on the server side.

    What is expected:
    1. WEBO CDN will be launched this month - all in the same SaaS version of the product, the cost of use is from 30 points (about 3 rubles) per day.
    2. Add advanced server caching for WordPress and Joomla! (astonishing user behavior and site modularity), we also plan this month.

    In general, questions / suggestions are welcome.

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