About technical issues and notifications ...

    QIWI payment service is a convenient service for paying for everyday services. This is the inscription on the QIWI website. So far it has been so for me, because QIWI is:
    1. there are ten on each corner, so there’s no need to search;
    2. quickly - you don’t always have time to hide your wallet, but the payment has already passed.

    However, even an old woman happens to be a bungle ...

    The essence of the slammer

    So far, the payment has not passed. I put the money in the terminal, according to the time on the ticket, at 15:19. I’m writing a topic at 18:14. That is, almost three hours have passed, but there is no money.
    Attempts to call support were unsuccessful. The answering machine informed me that there might be delays in enrollment, and reassured me that the money would arrive as soon as everything was fixed. Then he hung up.


    I will not write about the fact that QIWI has deceived everyone and that everything around is scum and all that. This is unnecessary and has no effect. Instead, I will point out some fatal service errors ...


    Firstly, the message from the answering machine does not at all follow that technical problems do occur. From the fact that there was no living person on the other side of the telephone wire, it can easily follow that QIWI has long been put on its support service with a slap. I personally would not be surprised if it turns out that a message about a technical problem was recorded on the answering machine a couple of years ago, and I forgot about it. In other words, I (and not only me) do not believe in robots, and a living person did not confirm the presence of technical problems and did not provide any more detailed information.
    Secondly, as well as firstly, they did not tell me the main thing - exactly when it is planned to eliminate these very technical problems. I know about problems with enrollment even without robots - otherwise I would not call support. It’s more important for me to understand - should I run to look for a mobile phone salon to replenish my account again, or with what I still have in my account, can I wait for the failure to be fixed? In other words, what should I do? QIWI did not bother to provide me with at least some of the information needed to make a decision.
    Thirdly, I am surprised by the behavior of the terminals themselves. For example, ATMs tend to be cut down, if you just lose contact with the bank, let alone other failures. Why don't QIWI terminals do this? There can be no talk about any time delays, otherwise payments would not be made almost instantly. Terminals in the event of a failure - even if the terminal itself does not crash, but some central system - must either remotely receive a shutdown command, or they must be able to diagnose the system’s performance and, accordingly, the possibility of making payments. One way or another, in the event of a failure, the terminals must be turned off or blocked so that people do not shove money into them in vain.


    QIWI is a convenient service for everyday payments. But at the same time, QIWI cannot be recognized as a reliable service and is not suitable for quick payments. The reasons are the inability to predict the time of the payment and the lack of even minimal control over the process.

    PS While writing this post, the money came. But this does not change the essence of the matter.

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