Make UTP Connector Tester

    I already once wrote in my blog about the Mars rover board - this is a universal board for various crafts. This is an Open Source Hardware Project. Previously, using this board, we mainly made toys: it was different cars (for example, controlled by IR or leaving the labyrinth ), or an " Easter printer " for coloring eggs, or the video game "Tennis" and many others.

    Now we have done a new project (using the Mars rover board ), which, I hope, can be really useful for local network administrators. We made a simple tester of the UTP connector installed on the cable.

    The principle of operation of the device is quite simple, and it is described on the site. There are also source codes for the project.

    The device has 8 LEDs and a connector for UTP cable. I inserted the cable into the device - if all 8 LEDs light up, then the cable is crimped correctly and all the contacts are there. If there is bad contact with a pair or it is completely absent or there is a short circuit somewhere, then the corresponding pair of device LEDs will not light.

    The device only tests the connector and the next meter and a half cable. The state of the cable further down the line does not affect the measurement results.

    I have a question for dear Khabrovites!
    How do you think this device can be useful?
    We are thinking of making a small batch of approximately such IT-key “trinkets” (this is just a layout):


    How much can this device be in demand?

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