sources of inspiration

    The network has a huge number of sites that collect particularly successful design work and position themselves as a "source of inspiration." But is it possible to make your own great logo or website, inspired by another masterpiece logo or website?

    I'm sure not.

    Using other people's ideas when developing, you drive yourself into a tight framework, which is almost impossible to step over. By copying techniques and successful implementations without understanding their essence and meaning, you can get a nice picture, behind which nothing will be hidden. This is how trends are born: frigerism , web 2.0 and many others. One thing unites them: thoughtless adherence to fashion.

    Let's step aside from the sites and look at an example of the metro in Stockholm:
    More photos here

    . Do you think the authors of the project could be inspired by any other metro in the world? It is doubtful. The source of their inspiration, most likely, lies in a completely different plane and it is in a completely different order.

    Probably, this simple thought is not conveyed to students studying design in our universities. In another way, I can not explain the fact that too many graduates of specialized educational institutions are good art historians and design experts, but they are not good designers at all. On the other hand, many great designers have no special education.

    Obviously, when studying the works of recognized masters, it is difficult to resist the temptation and not create idols for yourself, driving yourself into the framework of authority.


    So, do you need to go to exhibitions, leaf through catalogs or subscribe to rss design sites? Of course you need! But you need to study successful work not in order to do the same, but in order to do better. You need to be inspired not by what has already been done, but by what no one else has done. Do not be afraid to do better than was done before you, and maybe then your work will show off on other people's sites with the tag "inspiration".

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