Right tool

    Some time ago, I came across the website " TheRightTool " - a kind of rating of programming languages ​​for compliance with various statements, for example: "It is easy to write effective code in this language." It’s immediately clear that such a rating is very useful (although their interface is a disaster - on the third question I’m tired of rearranging languages).

    I tried on my blog to give links to auto-translation, but it is clear that it leaves much to be desired. But Russians (quite possibly) know most about programming languages! And most of all programmers on Habré.

    So, today for about five hours I had nothing to do, so, dear Habr, meet the Russian analogue(on a weak VPS, so sooner or later it will die under the Habraeffect - sorry, put a bookmark, come back tomorrow): We hope soon, we, the collective 4-year-old Habrarazum , will find out which languages ​​can be used for what. I was not puzzled by the design and beautiful HTML / CSS - the results accessible to all are important from the project. Note the Load average (at the bottom of the page) - when the top ten starts to shut down :-) It's amazing that the site has not died and load avg has not even come close to 1.0, that's what nginx life-giving does. Yoi Haji, view from Habr

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