Nokia and Yahoo merge in the mobile services sector


    Nokia and Yahoo, two companies, each of which is the leader (or almost is) in its field, yesterday announced cooperation in the US mobile market. Nokia will use the power of the recently purchased navigation map giant NAVTEQ to help Yahoo with navigation services and, in fact, online maps. At the same time, Yahoo will be engaged in improving the services of mail and chat in the smartphones of the Finnish company.

    Unlike its competitors, Google and Microsoft, Yahoo still does not have its own mobile operating system, and its own search is almost no longer supported by the company. However, what Yakhu still remains a leader in the US market is in the field of email (here Gmail has not yet become the first), sports and financial information portals, which are used by default in the iPhone OS.

    The purpose of the cooperation is clear - Nokia wants to deepen and consolidate its position in the United States, where so far their products have not won much trust and interest from customers. Which, of course, has a bad effect on the financial condition of the company - almost all new phones today are announced primarily in the United States, where they collect the first millions of sales.

    via Wired

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