Ozon is losing an audience?

    Recently, the ozon.ru main page has stopped displaying correctly in Chrome (I tried both stable builds and dev).

    Deciding to help my beloved store, I used the feedback by writing to the support
    team : “ERROR on the site: pictures on the main one in the Chrome browser (Windows 7 | Linux) are not displayed”

    After a couple of hours, the answer came from the support team :


    To my logical question:
    “And here is Internet Explorer 8? I wrote that in the Windows 7 operating system, with the installed Google Chrome browser version 5.0.375.55, the pictures are NOT displayed on the main page. Does ozon.ru support only Internet Explorer 8? ” already answered another support specialist:


    So, the dry residue:
    despite the fact that outside the window the 21st century and Internet Explorer 8 does not have a monopoly in the browser market, the
    leading Russian online store “guarantees correct operation” only in IE8.

    Wrote dimks

    UPD . Pictures are already there, the approach itself is interesting.

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