Youtube History

    Hello Youtube users. Yes, because each of them at least once watched a video on this service, and most of them watched videos on Youtube on average once a day. There is no more popular video hosting in the world.

    With this topic, I signify a series of materials about the wonderful Youtube service (hell, I really love it;). It is necessary to start from the very beginning, from the history of creation and formation. I hope you will be interested.

    Many people know that the creators are 3 friends who previously worked at PayPal. While creating the service, Chad Harley (Chad Hurley) studied design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, when Steve Chen (Steve Chen) and Jawed Karim (Javed Karim) together were students of the computer science department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    There is some confusion about the happy birthday of Youtube, chronologically the events are arranged in the following order:
    • February 14, 2005 - the Youtube domain is activated.
    • April 23rd 2005 - the first video lasting 15 seconds appeared on the service. It was Javed Karim who made a video where someone Jacob Lapitski stands in the background of a cage with elephants.
    • May 2005 - The beginning of the beta testing period.
    • November 2005 - public opening of the service.

    How did it all start? According to a bike often used in the media: Chad and Steve had a party that Javed could not attend. Share the video with him was very difficult. This was the starting point for creating the Youtube video hosting service. The guys were students and they conceived the service as a video dating site, as evidenced by this cast .

    At the initial stage, the organizers came up with such a move - every day to give an iPod to a random user, and it worked. According to Wikipedia, Sequoia Capital has invested about $ 11.5 million in the service between November 2005 and April 2006.

    As I said, a public beta test was announced in May, the service grew rapidly. Already in July 2006. statistics for the day showed the following data - 65,000 downloaded videos and 100 million views. By the way, such popularity played a cruel joke with the creators of the service. For the huge load on their website, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment sued. Later they changed their domain from to

    in October 2006. "Empire of goodness", Google, began the process of acquiring Youtube for $ 1.65 billion, in November the service was completely transferred to Google. I am sincerely glad of this.

    The Russian version of Youtube ( was opened on November 14, 2007 (most localized versions were opened during 2007) by Peter Nalich's clip “Guitars”.

    Youtube participation in April Fools ’draws:
    • 2008: All links from the main page lead to a Rick Astley clip called Never Gonna Give Up. Meme Rickrolling.)
    • 2009: When clicking on the video from the main page, the whole layout turned upside down.)
    • 2010: Youtube temporarily turned on TEXTp mode, which translated images into random capital letters. Youtube announced that it saves them $ 1 per second.

    Youtube Awards - awarding the best videos in various categories of 2006 and 2007:
    TouchingKiwi!Flash videoMadyeti47
    FunnySmosh Short 2: StrandedFlash videosmosh
    DiscussedHotness Prevails / Worst Video EverFlash videothewinekone
    CreativeHere It Goes AgainFlash videoOkgo
    InspirationalFree hugs campaignFlash videoPeaceOnEarth123
    Musician of the yearSay It's PossibleFlash videoterranaomi
    SeriesAsk a ninjaPart 1 Flash videodigitalfilmmaker

    2007 year
    TouchingLaughing babyFlash videogsager1234
    FunnyPotter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"Flash videoNeilCicierega
    DiscussedLonelyGirl15 is Dead!Flash videoWHATTHEBUCKSHOW
    CreativeThe Original Human TETRIS Performance by Guillaume ReymondFlash videonotsonoisy
    EyewitnessBattle at krugerFlash videoJason275
    InspirationalBlind painterFlash videotexascountryreporter
    Instruction manualHow to solve a Rubik's CubeFlash video (part 1)pogobat
    MusicChocolate rainFlash videoTayzonday
    PoliticsStop the Clash of CivilizationsFlash videoAvaazorg
    SeriesThe guildFlash video (part 1)watchtheguild
    Short filmmy name is lisaFlash videosheltonfilms
    Sportballoon bowlFlash videodavetheknave

    So, in the courtyard of 2010, my favorite Youtube reports about 2 billion views every day. I think the numbers speak for themselves, Youtube has become an integral part of the daily life of every person who uses the Internet (or else there will be, / I hint at Google OS). Well, finally, you wish Youtube.Broadcast Yourself.

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