FiNCK - a new game from Nifflas, creator of Knytt

    FiNCK (Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer) - a classic two-dimensional platformer, made using modern technology. According to Nicholas Nygren (better known by the nickname Nifflas ), FiNCK is a kind of separation, a departure from the usual canons. In general, the fan, fun and joy to us, playing and him developing ...


    Game process

    Play as a strange creature with blue skin. No history, immediately into battle! Run, jump a lot and jump high, manipulate different animals. Not very hardcore (unless of course you want to collect all the coins), but also not too simple. For some places, you still need to think about what and in what sequence to do, but it does not bother, because you do not have to run 2/3 of the level to a difficult place (room-levels are quite modest in size, plus you can always kill yourself).

    Drop of tar

    If you played Knytt Stories , you probably saw what a huge number of additional levels and companies the fans created.
    However, for FiNCK the editor will be paid. Here's how the developer explains it:
    " I'm no longer going to spend time and resources marketing what I do.
    If you have developed a third party level for the beta testing competition, there's a separate thread in the beta testing area where I explain this more in detail, in case you don't want your level in the third party pack due to this change.


    A beautiful, atmospheric game with great sound.
    If you are not indifferent to the genre of platformer, if you strive to collect all these damn coins, the game is definitely for you.

    Game links

    Portable version (pre-release 1)
    Installer (pre-release 1)

    PS: As usual, Nicholas does not favor us with support for gamepads. Personally, I use xpadder in such cases , it allows you to assign keyboard keys to the controller.

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