Android 2.2 AKA Froyo. First impressions

    Two hours ago, I successfully upgraded my Nexus One to Froyo (2.2).

    And here are my first impressions:
    • Automatic program recovery - after downloading, the phone itself installed all the programs from the market that were previously installed.
    • Significantly faster application launch - thanks JIT
    • Updated Market (separate tab for comments, automatic updates, Update All)
    • Updated Gmail - Finally, Full Copy / Paste in the Gmail Application
    • New widgets: Android recommendations, Android Market recommendations
    • Tethering - sharing mobile Internet both via usb and wi-fi (your phone as hotspot)
    • full Flash after installing it from the Android Market
    • Native Russian keyboard

    Basically, they are associated with those applications that I’m used to using and which have not yet been updated + “hacks” that I’m used to using third-party firmware:
    • Due to the updated Calendar, third-party display widgets do not work - I used Android Agenda Widget
    • Bottom dock appeared on the desktop with two icons - Dialer and Browser, but unfortunately they only call native applications, which doesn’t suit me - I'm used to Dialer One. Let's wait for Helix Launcher ...
    • Many applications (Handcent Sms, Startup Auditor and others) call Force Close - their authors must update them to work properly with 2.2
    • There is really not enough Trackball Awake-unlock by clicking on the trackball; Trackball Alert - color event notifications and, undoubtedly Apps2SD - this function is built in 2.2 but for it to work, authors must update programs to support transfer to the card.
    • The Market slows down - it opens applications very slowly. They say that it will pass ....
    • Not all applications are visible in the Market - I can’t find the same Smart Keyboard Pro

    For myself, I decided to play with this firmware for some time. If the applications are updated quickly, I will stay on it. No, I’ll roll back to CaynogenMod and wait for the update from the “meter”
    UPD: I found how to force the existing applications to be transferred to the SD card:
    Unlock move to SD card for existing apps:
    adb shell
    pm setInstallLocation 2

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