Install Froyo (Android 2.2) on Nexus One with third-party firmware

    As many have already read , yesterday an update for Nexus One to the latest version of the Android OS-Froyo became available, which was literally announced Thursday at the Google IO conference.
    All Saturday it excited the minds of the Android community (there were 100 comment pages on CDA!), Because Engadget and Tehcrunch wrote that they received it, but the rest of the community
    did n’t. But by 10 o’clock we were able to find a few more lucky people who managed to get a direct link to the long-awaited update. The problem with him was the same - he was put only on the factory firmware ERE27 with factory recovery. That did not stop a bunch of people from installing it, just rolling back their phones to the factory state. But I decided not to rush and do not make unnecessary movements ...

    And rightly so. Within an hour and a half after finding the update, the famous developer PaulOBrien released a full-fledged update that can be sewn onto any third-party firmware (CyanogenMod, Modaco, Desire).
    Under the cut, there is a small instruction on how to upgrade your rooted Nexus to Froyo Frozen Yogurt a

    . Before upgrading, I recommend using Titanium backup to save all user data before upgrading.

    1. Copy prepared by Paul's ( from here ) to the root of your SD Card.
    2. Boot into the recovery (Home + VolDown, then in the Recovery menu). The latest versions of recovery from Amon Ra are strongly recommended
    3. Make a full Nandroid backup (+ ext section if you use it)
    4. Make a full Wipe: data + cache, Battery Stats and Rotate settings
    5. Flash the update (Flash zip from Sd card)
    6. Reboot.
    7. Wait until the radio is updated and returns you to the recovery again.
    8. Reboot again.
    9. Enjoy 2.2.

    Optional: If you want to get root again (for example, to restore your settings using the same Titanium) you still need to flash a small update from cyanogen
    Flash: In order for the flash to work, you need to install it from the Market — look for the Adobe keyword. This instruction is
    based on

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