Life hack or How to significantly reduce the cost of office Internet

    Do you know that 5-10 office computers can easily work on one Yota modem? In Moscow, where unlimited tariffs for corporate users do not exist in principle, and excess traffic can fly into such a pretty penny, this is especially true. In principle, the main idea is already clear, but if you need more details, please send a cat.

    The background is as follows: there was once a small Moscow office in which, under the terms of the lease, it was possible to use the services of only one Internet provider with the speaking name Gopotel. One fine spring day, May 3rd, a network card flew in this office due to a thunderstorm. That is, the problem was precisely in the network, it became known later, and then the girls working there simply noticed that there was no Internet. And they began to call the support service of "Gptela." And did not get through! All day, on the third of May, she simply did not answer - as it turned out, again, later, they had a day off.

    A good fellow turned up here: a monopolist provider with idle technical support - who needs such happiness? However, a savvy was given to the Russian person to find a way out of the most hopeless situations: I arrived at the office with my Iota and connected the modem to the central computer from which the Internet was distributed to all other office machines. The Internet is slow and painful, but still earned. Moreover, when I replaced the standard iota dns servers with google , it earned significantly faster :) Actually, 6 computers are hanging on one modem - and even videos on Youtube can be watched without brakes. The girls from the office even argue that the speed was even supposedly better than it was on the Gopotelovsky dressing room - but for that they are girls, we write off too much impressionability :)

    By the way, about the price of the issue: the price of the issue is 900 rubles per month for the iota subscriber. In principle, if the office is large, then the price should be multiplied by the number of modems (one modem for 10 computers is quite enough, in principle). But this is still incomparable with the requests of ordinary providers - Gopotel, for example, ate 8-10 thousand rubles a month with very modest traffic in commercial gigs 10-12.

    The director of the office, not believing his happiness, immediately rushed to buy an iota modem. By the way, taking this opportunity, I advised you to take Yota Jingle - it was interesting to check the conclusions of the HabraBrowse , in which the jingle broke the standard Samsung U200 modem for the quality of signal reception in flaps.
    It turned out - it's true: where my modem showed the signal level is average - sometimes good, Jingle stably produces good - excellent.

    Minuses? They are obvious: Iota still does not catch everywhere (although for the most part of Moscow the signal reception is honestly good and constantly improving - in the same office three months ago my modem did not see the network at all). Therefore, if you catch Yota, then why not send the snickering providers?

    UPD The comments suggest that Iota has a special tariff plan for corporate access - 2700 rubles per month.

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