How to make a 3D movie at home

    In this video, using the example of two ordinary Samsung HMX-H200 digital video cameras, we show how to make a 3D movie at home. Bondarchuk will remove "Stalingrad" in 3D

    The film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Stalingrad" will be shot in 3D, according to Screen, citing a statement by the producer, CEO of Art Pictures Dmitry Rudovsky. According to Rudovsky, Art Pictures is already negotiating cooperation with Avatar’s chief operator, Vince Pace. Read more... Samsung will help director Cameron create new 3D movies

    After the noisy world success of the fantastic action movie Avatar directed by James Cameron, as well as a number of other 3D paintings, including Alice in Wonderland, experts linked the future of television with a three-dimensional image. According to their estimates, by 2013 the demand for 3D-TVs will reach 15.5 million units. Read more...

    LJ Community ru_samsung: 3D in your pocket

    Today there will again be telephone news, which during the holidays and weekends, as well as contests, has somewhat “collapsed”, but meanwhile it is very curious.
    Remember, you and all other sophisticated humanity, we discussed at the end of winter the possible appearance of a phone with a screen capable of showing a 3D image. And then the journalists couldn’t find out whether the Samsung SCH-W960, also known as Samsung AMOLED 3D, will really show a 3D picture or just have a powerful 3D interface.
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