New version of free music player for Google Chrome

    A month has passed since the release of the previous version of the plug-in for Google Chrome, expanding the capabilities of everyone's beloved ( previous habratopik ), and during this time he acquired a lot of new features.

    Link to the plugin:

    Scrobbling support!

    Well, no comment here :)

    Playing music after closing a tab and sequential playback

    Now you do not need to keep the tab open, and switch songs yourself. All playback takes place in a separate process, and in addition, the player remembers the last playlist of the block from which you played.

    To be honest, I rediscovered for myself features like Tags and Playlists.
    1. Create a playlist
    2. Add songs there
    3. We set a plug on him
    4. PROFIT :)

    Items 3-4 can be repeated with any block containing a list of songs.

    Refusal of Flash, now everything is played through HTML5 Audio

    Goodbye perversions with security policies and freezes!
    But keep in mind that mp3 only works in Chrome. In order to make money in Chromium, you need to install additional packages. For Ubunta, this is chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree.

    Convenient mini player built right into the Chrome interface

    Who says browser cannot be a player? I personally really look forward to Google Chrome OS :)


    In the near future I’m planning a series of articles on creating an extension for Chrome based on my plugin.

    PS.PS. A bit of lyrics about Firefox.
    I always tried to choose development tools that gave the shortest path. Idea -> Implementation. And so I use products such as Google App Engine, Google Chrome, try to use the capabilities of HTML5, the list goes on. So, when you make a plug-in for Google Chrome, you understand how everything is done there conveniently for people. Everything is so logical and correct.
    When you make it for Firefox, you realize that you were thrown into the jungle, with its strange rules, security policies, scary XUL and so on. I tried, honestly) You can say that I did not master. But I’d rather spend my energy on creating something new and useful than on fighting software.
    If they ever finish JetPack, who knows, maybe a port will appear.

    In any case, if there are activists who want to do the plugin for Firefox, I will give them all possible help.

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