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Original author: Nicholas Deleon
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Pretty interesting news in the world of open-source software. Perhaps the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu, sees Chrome as a replacement for Firefox.

Ubergizmo has heard that Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) is considering adding Chrome (or Chromium) to Ubuntu Linux's Netbook Remix (Netbook Edition), which will be released this fall. Why they took this step is not exactly known, but apparently they feel that the new browser under load works better than Firefox. No one would deny that Firefox uses too many resources at times. This is all pretty blurry and I have no idea if this is true or not. I don’t give preference to any browser.

There is confusion about what will be placed in Ubuntu: Chrome or Chromium. I would like operating systems to come with open-source software than Chrome is not.

The difference between Chrome and Chromium according to Wikipedia:

Chromium is an open source web browser based on which Google Chrome is created, a browser from Google that focuses on web applications. The project aims to create a safer, faster and more stable browser for all Internet users. Chromium is partly released under the BSD license, other parts have undergone various open source licenses, including the MIT, GNU LGPL, MS-PL, and the MPL / GPL / LGPL Tri-licenses.
It seems possible to download and compile the latest versions for Windows, Linux, or Mac.
Chrome installs the auto-updater system service, sends, for example, encrypted statistics about browser crashes.

Who needs all the junk volume in Chrome? Just not for me. But it’s not known what will happen in Ubuntu: after all, it contains proprietary software (Flash, some drivers, and so on) I don’t know what Canonical will choose.

Perhaps this is only a loud rumor, and I took you a few minutes in vain. Or, it could be a sign that people are starting to feel less “loyalty” to Firefox. Who knows

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From myself: perhaps this is really just a rumor. Let's discuss not their origin, but that moment, if indeed the rumors, suddenly, turn out to be a reality.

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