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    Today we came not so much for PR, but for help - your feedback on our small service that allows you to tune your guitar through a microphone or line input - www.tunerr.com is very important to us .

    We would like to simplify the tuning process in order to save the guitarist from having to carry a tuner or install a program. Of course, Internet access is not always there, so our online tuner is not a panacea. But, nevertheless, this is an alternative that can be used in suitable situations. The more options, the better - ultimately the user benefits from this.

    The main functionality of the online tuner is a Flash player, which uses API 10.1 to access the microphone and line input. micSo you can play with our tuner only by installing a candidate release . Now the 4th version is available for download. We believe that the release is just around the corner. That is why we would like to collect the first reviews now to make corrections and improvements before the release. We understand that some will not decide to update the player - do not judge us strictly.

    We have not decided on monetization yet. Given that it is easier to make free than vice versa, we decided to set the upper bar at $ 10 / year. Since we came here for help, rather than making money, we offer you a special linkBy registering for which, you can get a paid account for free. (Please note that you need to register using the link under the tuner!) Hurry to join - it's very simple.

    We will be grateful for any comments and suggestions. Questions of product usefulness and price adequacy are open. Thanks!

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