Another minus Kyivstar

    Despite the fact that I have long chosen Kyivstar as the main and only operator, it never ceases to amaze me with various unpleasant trifles. And sometimes such trifles become not trifles at all, as they can paralyze part of the working day.

    Here is another bug that I noticed (or rather ran into it) a long time ago, I informed the call center representatives about it, but they stupidly scored it and this bug is still alive. We are talking about mobile Internet. the fact is that I use the Internet from a smartphone constantly, 24 hours a day. My smart works even when I sleep!

    I order packages according to the following scheme: I have chosen the optimal amount of MB for myself in the amount of 5000 and every first day of every month my Internet charge is charged for a month, which is approximately 130 UAH. And here is the stupidity: if my account runs out of funds (in my case, the balance becomes less than -142 UAH), then I can’t make any outgoing calls, which is logical, but I can’t use the already paid in 100% the size of the internet !!! Which is never logical. Of course, you should always monitor the state of balance, because to remain without the ability to call is very bad, but it happens that a decent and solvent citizen just proktykal replenish the account. The bottom line is that paid services should not be disconnected in any case!

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