Once again about the selection of programmers (part 1)

    To write this post, I was compelled by a critical review , in which it is well written how NOT to conduct interviews. I, in turn, will try to tell you what the adequate selection process for candidates for the probationary period looks like.

    Talent Search

    Sometimes a company needs a programmer. Either there were more tasks, or part of the team fled ... As a result, a decision is formed on opening a vacancy for the position of a PHP developer. And already right here a whole Mamaev mound of pitfalls is lying.

    HR - Team Leader - 1: 1
    The text of the vacancy should be developed jointly by the development departments and HR. If the personnel department will personally create a vacancy, then there will be a lot of words about corporate culture and high mission and a little specificity.

    Requirements: 0-100 years ...
    If you place a vacancy on more than one server - do not be too lazy to fill out specific fields for each database. Thus, you will increase the influx of the target audience and will not create the impression that this is “another vacancy of another recruiting office”

    ... salary 10-100 TR
    If a set goes to several positions at once, it makes sense to create a vacancy for each of them. You will receive more segmented flows of people who will clearly understand what knowledge and skills will be required from them and what is the salary plug.

    I know PHP, HTML, AJAX, XML, MySQL and many other scary words
    Oh, how to find the original author who launched this eerie list of abbreviations in swimming through the vacancy databases! They, as a rule, occupy almost half of the vacancy, while completely not giving an idea of ​​what the poor coder will have to do anyway. Describe better a couple of typical daily tasks.

    There is a contact!

    Well, the resume began to come to your vacancy. To whom to entrust the screening and how to conduct it, if you need to quickly select 3-4 vacancies out of 100?

    Partisans walk through the woods
    If a person did not bother to fill out a resume and write a cover letter, then this is quite eloquent about the person’s approach to business. And what do we do with "Vasya Ivanov, born in 1994, I want to work for you"?

    I put that tile that person
    Multi-tasking specialists are in demand on freelance and are not widely quoted in large projects. It’s cool that a person is so versatile that he came to us, starting with McDonalds through floristry, but this is clearly not our candidate. (NB: This is a real case from practice, somewhere around me lay a resume of a florist-system administrator-programmer person).

    It’s not the job that makes the person happy, but the person - the job
    First of all, you should be interested in the job duties of a person at a previous job, and not the big name of the position. “Lead”, “Leader”, “Senior” - all these criteria are highly dependent on the organization.

    In conclusion of the first post, I will give a few quotes from the resume that came to the vacancies:
    • "He led the second programmer"
    • “Experienced Excel 2003 user” - 93% on an online testing site (people went to the host)
    • “Creatively rethought the assigned tasks”
    • The column "Desired position": "CIO, CTO, development leader, system administrator, web master"

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    To be continued…

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