Calendar of birthdays of Khabrovsk citizens

    What should be promoted on a habr? Of course, habra-fan-service!

    Made a couple of pages that collect birthdays from Habr. But not yourself, but with your help.

    It is here - .

    Constructive criticism is welcomed, and non-constructive criticism ("why is it necessary") is the opposite.

    Thanks for attention.

    PS Friends! By clicking “Find him and his friends”, the nickname enters the queue for processing. It does not appear in the database instantly . Re-enter it is not necessary, it will only slow down the process. Show sympathy for the server, the Habra effect on a DB-intensive site is already not a guy.

    PPSChildren, although not counted, are present. It is regrettable to see that as soon as there is an input field for something, surely someone will try to enter it or something like that. First graders, honestly.

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