Google Analytics Workshop. June 8, 2010

    We are opening a series of training courses on web analytics, at which leading experts in Internet marketing will talk about post-click audit, lead generation, CRO, about the main technologies and tools for evaluating the performance of sites and advertising campaigns.

    On June 8, 2010, a Google Analytics workshop will open a series of events.

    During the school day, we will try to maximally detail all the theoretical and practical aspects of working with Google Analytics.
    In our program:

    Overview of the Google Analytics toolkit

    Installing a counter on the site.
    Profiles, filters, subdomain and cross-domain tracking.
    Setting goals and setting an e-commerce code.
    Checking the correct operation of the counter.
    Marketing campaign marking.
    Link your account to an AdWords campaign.
    Tracking events and virtual pages.

    What you will learn:

    All the hidden features of the Google Analytics code.
    Methods for measuring events that do not reload the page.
    What to do if the user navigates to other sites during the purchase process.
    How to provide labeling of all traffic sources, ads and keywords for further analysis.

    Interpretation of analytics data.

    Main reports and metrics.
    Finding and fixing weaknesses with analytical reports.
    Cases of using data analytics.
    Typical errors in data interpretation.

    What you will learn:

    Why do we need every report in Google Analytics.
    How to display report data most clearly.
    How to make decisions based on Analytics data.

    Errors, tricks and tricks when working with Google Analytics

    Tricks to install and use Google Analytics (search, regular expressions ...).
    Installation of several counters at the same time.
    Examples of frequently made mistakes.
    Analytics and Conversion Optimization (CRO).

    What you will learn:

    What are the most common mistakes Google Analytics users make.
    How to get data that Google Analytics does not provide in standard reports.
    What to do after potential improvement points are found.

    Duration of the master class - 7 hours

    Cost - 4 000 r

    Paying in advance (until June 1) - 3 500 r

    Registration, program, information about speakers and the rest on our website .

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