I am 64-bit! And you?

    It seemed to me that recently I have become completely 64-bit. I use 64-bit software, work on a computer with 64-bit architecture, write 64-bit articles myself, review other 64-bit articles, create a 64-bit software product for developers of 64-bit applications. Therefore, it seems to me that the whole world is becoming 64-bit. But I still miss some of the software in the 64-bit world.

    Compare the list of used 64-bit programs?

    Of course, I have the 64-bit Windows 7 operating system installed. And I already downloaded the 64-bit version of Office 2010. All drivers, of course, are also 64-bit. From other software I have 64-bit 7-zip, FAR Manager, Bullzip PDF Printer, TortoiseSVN.

    But 32-bit software, as it turned out, is also not enough:

    • Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010;
    • Kaspersky Internet Security (some of the modules are not yet 64-bit);
    • Mozilla Firefox;
    • Opera;
    • Thunderbird;
    • QIP;
    • Skype;
    • ABBYY Lingvo;
    • Adobe Reader;
    • Paint .Net;
    • Free Download Manager;
    • DebugMode Wink;
    • WinMerge.

    As a result, although it feels like I mainly use 64-bit solutions, in practice a considerable number of programs still remain 32-bit.

    Only 64-bit versions of browsers (except IE) are really missing from this list. Although unofficial 64-bit versions, for example, solutions from Mozilla already exist. All other programs may well remain 32-bit. Well, or perhaps Thunderbird could still keep its multi-gigabyte database of letters in RAM for quick search. And it happens that finding a letter does not always work out quickly.

    Interestingly, did anyone manage to completely switch to 64-bit software? Or even so, who needs 64-bit programs?

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