Legal Warfare

    The battle between Apple and Nokia lawyers seems to be entering a new round. This time, the Finnish company has filed another lawsuit against the Yabloko, based on the concept of infringement by the last five Nokia patents in their iPhone and iPad 3G products: “related to advanced technologies for voice recognition, data transfer, positioning in applications, innovations regarding the antenna to improve productivity while saving space inside the device, paving the way for smaller and more compact mobile devices. "

    Translating all this into Russian, only one thing can be said - Nokia has chosen the most vulnerable places in order to contribute a bit to “rotting”. The lawsuit is under consideration by the Wisconsin Federal District Court, which was already involved in a legal game between the two companies last year, when Nokia dragged Apple to court for the same reason as this time - patent infringement related to UMTS, GSM and WiFi communication standards. Last time, Apple quickly responded with a similar lawsuit in the direction of its competitor.

    However, unlike Nokia, which approaches litigation with Finns inherent prudence, Apple clearly cannot boast of an equally convenient position due to a lawsuit with HTC related to the same patents.

    via TechCrunch

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