Runetology (52): co-owner of the Experienced Creative Bureau (developer Artem Geller

    Co-owner and creative director of the Experienced Creative Bureau Artem Geller - about the country's main site and its development, the press service of the President of the Russian Federation and organization of interaction with the state customer, about government resources, about interfaces, about the visually impaired on Runet and about the “flash” Adobe war and Apple.

    Interview with a guest:
    • What is it like to make websites for government agencies?
    • design, interface, structure and mission
    • Did the head of state influence the development of
    • Government Portals: Challenges and Trends
    • Why does the “main site of the country” export to Twitter and Facebook?
    • Disabled Sites: Standards and Technologies
    • E-government and its prospects
    Discussed news:
    • Google updated search page
    • DST bought another 5% of Facebook
    • Adobe complains to Apple in antitrust authorities
    • Internet Explorer share drops below 60% for the first time
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