European Seagate Service. The positive continues

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    About a month ago, I ordered my external drive from Seagate to live. He behaved strangely for a long time and finally died. Treatment with standard utilities from the manufacturer did not work, I decided to return it under warranty.
    Opening the invoice, I was unpleasantly surprised that the two-year warranty of the store ended a month before the incident. I went to the manufacturer’s website and after entering the serial number and batch number I saw the inscription “In Warranty” in green. I filled out an application, chose a reception point for broken screws in Munich, and sent it that very evening.

    Seagate writes on their pages that they do not restore information, but simply send a new disk.
    A week later, a notification arrives in the mail about the parcel. I am at a loss because there is no mark on the site that they received my disc. I go to the post office and get my old disk with the addressee's address crossed out. To my question: “Why am I getting my package back?” the girl at the post office only shrugged.
    When I got home, I dialed the Seagate call center, where a girl with an Indian accent answered me. He said that it was necessary to send to Amsterdam to their office, and not to the Munich collection point. To my question, why then I was given the choice of a reception point on the site, she could not answer.
    I re-stuck the address and sent the disk again, already to Amsterdam. All the same with the usual cheapest package for 12 euros. A week later it comes to me that they received the disc and after another three days they wrote that they sent me a new disc via DHL.
    And now, after 10 days of waiting, a girl from Seagate calls me, already without an accent. He says that they were told from DHL that they could not find me and asked what to do with the parcel. It turns out that Seagate does not indicate the phone number when sending it, and therefore they cannot find me either. Having found out the girl’s tracking number, which Seagate does not indicate in the letter about the drive, I called the Czech office of DHL. And he agreed that he would pick it up from a warehouse in Rzhichany (20 km from Prague).
    He arrived, found an office, signed papers and took everything for about 20 minutes. An ordinary brown box, unusually dirty, probably because for a long time I could not find me. It has the same brown box, but is already clean. And there is a disk in it. And here is a surprise. Instead of my old Seagate FreeAgent Desktop, I got a brand new FreeAgent Desk of a similar size.
    Having reached the house, the disk was successfully divided into two parts. One NTFS, the second WBFS, for downloading Wii games. The new disc, by the way, looks great next to the Wii. Everything works, everything is ok.
    In general, something at Seagate is not good with logistics, and the service is excellent.

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