Experiment with Adobe Photoshop CS5

    Good day, habranarod!

    I downloaded the new adobe photoshop cs5 the day before yesterday and immediately decided to try the features of the new Content-aware fill function. That's what came out of it.

    For experiments, the Munku-Sardyk panorama was taken , taken from about 10 photos.
    original image

    Having selected a black area from the edges with a magic wand and clicking the delete button, I received the following:
    original image

    But I decided not to stop there and with the help of a lasso removed tourists climbing the mountain:
    original image

    Impression: I liked the tool, it works relatively quickly, I’ll take it into service .

    I did not perform additional image processing.

    Summary:the tool works well on low-detail areas of the image - I liked how the snow was completed, but it misfires when working with more detailed ones: the mountain in the upper corner was drawn incorrectly.
    I revealed a feature - to get a decent result in filling out the image, it is desirable to have about 70 percent of the image - then the result will not seem depressing.

    I advise fans of panoramas to take into service as an analogue of a tool for removing tourists from photographs (of course, if a tourist does not take half a frame).

    PS Our life does not end with spending time near a computer in a familiar environment. Get out into the nature, travel and delight yourself and your loved ones with beautiful photos!

    If this topic is interesting to the habrasociety, I can write about the creation of spherical panoramas.

    Tomorrow I’ll try to post the finished version of the photo - maybe someone wants to install it on the desktop. =)

    Created the final version of the panorama. I did not begin to prepare images for specific resolutions of monitors, since I would have to crop the image.
    original shot

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