Akela missed (spb.ru, bureaucracy from nic.ru)

    Everyone has already heard about scary letters from nic.ru, in which all domains (spb.ru/msk.ru) registered on one email in one link are combined.

    And so, I was mistaken. I have three domains registered in spb.ru per email - two for personal use, one for the office. I decided to transfer the office to the office account. Rrraz. And I do not have two domains.

    Correspondence with nic.ru:

    I transferred domains from my email account to nic.ru.
    Several domains were registered on the email . Some of them were supposed to
    go to the organization in which I work, and some belonged to
    me (and I planned to transfer them to my account). When I clicked
    “next”, I expected to be asked where to transfer the domains, but they
    were transferred to the company account.

    Indeed, domains are transferred to that questionnaire (contract), by the number of which
    authorization is on the specified link.

    Should I hemorrhoids with printed papers or can I still
    solve the problem locally?

    (It seems strange to me that after performing operations online, they
    immediately begin to ask for notarial pieces of paper).

    Unfortunately, within 60 days from the moment the domain is accepted for the contract, it is
    possible to change the administrator (transfer domains to another contract) .

    There was a postscript:

    It will be possible to change the administrator after 60 days on the basis of official
    letters about the change of administrator or using the online transfer.

    For more details see: www.nic.ru/dns/change_adm

    However, there is not a word about “online transmission” at the indicated link, but a lot about the required original documents.

    The whole meanness is that you will see the list of transferred domains (via the link of the letter nic.ru) ONLY after the login. And if you already had an active authorization (as in my case), then by clicking "next", you will bind them all to one account. [I expected to see the request “where we are tied,” and when I realized that it would not be, it was too late].

    Be careful!

    UPD: Continued communication:

    Then the question is what should I do next. The error occurred due to the
    failed nic.ru interface.

    In one browser window, I started a questionnaire on the organization. Next, I clicked
    on the link, expecting me to be asked “WHERE” to transfer domains. But
    instead, they were silently and coldly transferred.

    I did not expect this, no one asked the question in an explicit form “do you
    really want to transfer domains from a to b?”, I.e. no conclusive
    action was taken.

    I have a request: can you cancel the transfer from the email account to
    nic.ru so that I can repeat it, already knowing what the
    specific actions look like ?

    There is no such opportunity at the moment. Asked your questions to the developers.
    Let's wait for their answer.

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