25 questions that will make your web application better

    Based on this report, as well as our own little experience, a questionnaire was created that will help improve any web application.

    Only 25 questions, add to your application a point for each “Yes”. If you are not sure about the answer, or you can answer positively only one part of the question, feel free to answer “No” and proceed to the next.

    25 questions that will make your web application better

    1. Can you clearly describe the problem that your application solves? Does this problem cause real inconvenience?
    2. Can you describe how your application solves this problem in 10 words?
    3. Does the solution offered by your application fall into at least one of the following areas: improving the quality of life, fixing something malfunctioning or preventing the end of something good?
    4. If there was a wizard in the world who could instantly solve this problem for everyone, do you think that people would be willing to pay him for it?
    5. Do you know how much they would pay?
    6. Would you use your application yourself?
    7. Does your application have updated content? Can you clearly describe why users will return to your application?
    8. Can you clearly describe your users, including their number and where you can find them?
    9. Does your application offer a real and simple business model? Do users understand what they pay for?
    10. Does your application have at least 3 unique features? List them.
    11. Can a user start using the application right away, literally in one action?
    12. Does your application offer the opportunity to try it for free?
    13. Do you personally know at least 10 people who love your application and agree to use it in everyday life?
    14. Do you like how your application looks? Is it convenient for you to use?
    15. Is your application running fast? Does it speed up the solution to the problem?
    16. Does your application have its own “voice” - its own style of communication with the user?
    17. Was there anything in the application that could be removed, leaving the value of the application the same? Have you removed all this?
    18. Can third parties integrate with your application?
    19. Does the application provide tools for customizing its appearance and content? Can a user make him “his"?
    20. Is each page URL of your application understood? Can I remember it to share it offline with others?
    21. Does the application have at least 3 functional levers that contribute to its distribution? List them.
    22. Is it impossible to misunderstand your application? Does each page contain only the necessary information?
    23. Does the application set clear goals for the user? Is the process of achieving them interesting?
    24. Is your application accessible from mobile platforms?
    25. Can users bring out something useful from your application? Does your application teach anything? Describe how.

    The most popular of the projects of our team scored 15 points, there is something to work on. I think that startups with 20 points or more have a good chance of success.

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