Download and Share Visual Studio Color Schemes

Original author: Scott Gu
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vs2010As developers, we spend most of our time writing code in Visual Studio. Most likely, like me, over time he got tired of the standard VS color theme.

Great news - Visual Studio allows you to fully customize the background and text colors, as you want it, you can choose a combination of colors that suits you. You can also import or export color schemes into an XML file, through Tools-> Import and Export Settings .

A new site that allows you to easily share and upload color schemes VS

Luke Sampson launched the site a week ago (developed on ASP.NET MVC 2, ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010). allows you to easily view and download Visual Studio color schemes created by other people. Color schemes work the same in VS 2008 and VS 2010 (all versions including Express): Color schemes are sorted by popularity and votes (you can also vote). By clicking on any scheme you will see a screenshot with the design of a simple code. Then you can load the color scheme in VS 2010 or VS 2008: You can download your own color scheme, if you have one, and share it with other developers. If you still haven’t visited the site, do it immediately.


image . And Luke, thank you for the work done.

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