Attention! Competition!

    I want to introduce you to the project . The project, in principle, is not so new, the site was created already in 2009. It does not shine with special design and programmer refinements - it works on regular WordPress, because it was not created for this purpose. The goal of the project was initially to create a platform for the performance of IT-specialists, and, apparently, he copes well with this task.
    The project is completely non-profit, there is no question of any monetization, just for fun was created. We do not take or pay money for posting an article on the site, because we believe that publicity is already capital.
    Nevertheless, with the support of sponsors, we regularly hold contests for articles on IT topics. Anyone can participate in the competition: age, race, gender, religion do not matter, the main criterion for evaluating the article is its quality.

    In particular, at the moment there are contests on the following topics:

    Information about the competitions can be found on the links. Valuable prizes are awarded in all contests - laptops, netbooks, communicators, and webcam mice. There are also guaranteed prizes for the authors of the most read articles and for the most active commentators.

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