Scam Warning

    Over the past few days, Hosting Center customers have received complaints letters in which a certain FrichX claims to be an honorary member of the arbitration commission, the WebMoney electronic payment system, and demands to transfer 900 WMZ to their wallet. He writes that he has incriminating evidence on the owner of the resource, and this incriminating evidence was allegedly received from the employees of the Hosting Center company. Printscreen letters .

    On behalf of the Hosting Center, I officially declare that our employees do not collect and moreover do not transmit any materials about our customers. The offer to transfer money in exchange for non-distribution of materials is nothing more than fraud. Please be careful and do not fall for the tricks of lovers of easy money. Official warning on the website of the Hosting Center.

    Our colleagues from WebMoney are also up to date and plan to publish information on their website today during the day.

    Be careful!

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