Tetris Birthday

    Today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the brightest events in the history of computer games. A game was created that sold around the world in countless circulations and continued to diverge. This game is ported to almost all platforms and systems. Her name is Legion Tetris. Throughout the world, billions of man-hours have been wasted, thrown to the wind thanks to this game. For the damage caused to the world economy by this game for almost thirty years, it can be compared, perhaps, with a medium-sized war. It is difficult to find a modern person who at least once did not play it. Well, maybe the old people and people very far from modern technology. By the way, Tetris can rightfully be called a game that brings peace and tranquility to people. Scientists from the University of Plymouth conducted

    a study of the impact of computer games like Tetris on a person’s state (which only people don’t do ...). It turned out that they provoke visual distraction (who would have thought), which, in turn, can reduce your appetite or craving for alcohol by 24%, for example (urgently supply Tetris with all the LTPs in your city!). According to the researchers, according to the theory of deliberate intrusion, our aspirations for something are provoked by visual images that pop up in our thoughts. So, after three minutes of playing Tetris, you, as experiments have shown, will want, for example, to eat a quarter weaker. No matter how strange it may sound.

    In general, we wish you a happy birthday Tetris! Let him help you not to overeat and not to drink too much! For many years, the pride of domestic game-making, memory for centuries and an honorable place in the annals of history!

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