HP DesignJet 3D

    HP DesignJet 3DAt the end of January, I wrote about the announcement that HP and Stratasys made then. 2D and 3D printing market leaders have agreed that Stratasys 3D printers will be distributed under the HP brand through our established distribution network, and their customers will benefit from warranty technical support.

    Last week, the HP DesignJet series of professional machines replenished with two new products: HP DesignJet 3D and DesignJet Color 3D . The second printer, in addition to the ability to print in 8 colors instead of one, can also print larger parts (203x203x152 mm instead of 203x152x152 mm in the first model).

    HP DesignJet 3D: Removal System to remove material debrisAs it was said earlier, the novelties are sold only in 5 European countries: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Prices are slightly higher than expected in January: respectively € 12,500 and € 16,200 without VAT (in dollars with VAT - slightly less than $ 17,500 and $ 22,500). The process for making a part in an HP DesignJet 3D printer involves post-processing the print with special abrasive powder in a Removal System centrifuge to remove burrs and material debris. Residues, in fact, like the parts themselves, can then be recycled.

    I have not yet been able to find the cost of consumables, but in the comments to the newsPopular Science suggests that it will be about 10 rub / cm³ of finished part. It is based on the cost of a plastic rod (this is the consumable) for current Stratasys printers sold in the United States.

    HP DesignJet 3D Supplies LineHP DesignJet 3D: ABS plastic reel + Nectarine colors

    HP DesignJet 3D: finished partsThe price today seems still very high, making DesignJet 3D available only to corporate clients. But optimists already expect that 3D printing on the mass market will face the same fate as laser printing at one time (remember how a few years ago a laser printer at home was truly exotic). And realists have already thought about business ideas: from restoring parts for old mechanisms to installing DesignJets in copy centers. Actually, it is easy to imagine that in 2-3 years to print out details for the defense of diploma projects and dissertations will become fashionable among students of technical universities ...

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