RIF video interview with Maxim Spiridonov (podfm.ru) about podcasting

    The interview took place a few hours before Max’s performance at the RIF

    Fans of podcasting will surely understand everything here, but the general public may have questions, in this case - well for the cat, there I briefly talk about the project of Maxim Spiridonov and my personal experience in podcasting.

    The podfm.ru resource has existed for a long time, it is the only podcast catalog in Russia, an alternative to rpod.ru, and is now repositioning to the podcast magazine. And the new podfm.ru concept is very similar to the one I proposed several years ago.
    In an interview, I say that it was seven years ago - I want to get better right away, seven years ago I wrote the concept of the PodcastRecords project, and directly launched it two years later with almost no changes on the Samsung website (now it operates here podcast.samsungfunclub.ruTrue, no one has been doing it for several years)

    The nuances between PodcastRecords and PodFM.ru are very slight. The top podcasts are selected, for which the podcast studio, built specifically for this, is directly responsible. The studio produces podcasts, which together represent a certain audio magazine. In addition, at PodcastRecords, each podcast could use the studio’s capabilities for free: podcast editors, sound engineers, etc. were at its disposal. The studio had its own production schedule (about 50 own podcasts per month), plus beginner podcasts came, received educational program. I also taught podcasting workshops, negotiated with mobile device manufacturers and publishing houses, and quite successfully. So, on Samsung players came out the podcasts “Models for Assembly” by Vlad Kopp (reincarnation of “Models for Assembly”, which is marked by Samsung 'comes out here , I also suggested, for which I met separately with Vlad Kopp). There is still a podcast constructor that I proposed to help novice podcasts. Unfortunately, Samsung stopped funding the project two years later, the project did not receive the promised promo, and I did not have the resources for this, I was exclusively engaged in content and strategic promotion.

    In any case, I am very pleased that rupodcasting, thanks to Max Spiridonov, is undergoing a certain renaissance, although it is not yet clear whether the trend will continue. Who wants to know more nuances, can read the post from my diary , which I wrote last year, already familiar with the new concept podfm.ru.

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