Video conferencing under the ashes. VideoBridge helps stuck businessmen

    Due to the restriction of flights introduced after the volcanic eruption in Iceland, 475 flights were canceled last weekend, and 27,000 people could not fly from Russia, 12,000 Russian passengers remained in European cities. At the same time, 25% of all passengers (which is 10,000 people) are businessmen traveling abroad to negotiate with partners, customers and suppliers. This morning, the head of the Ministry of Transport Igor Levitin said that flight restrictions in the Russian-European direction will continue for at least another three to four days.

    The company "VideoMost" announces from April 19 to 23 a week of free access to the video conferencing service via the Internet on the site . All that you and your interlocutors need is a computer with a webcam and Internet access.

    In the period from April 19 to 23, in order to conduct a video conference with customers, partners or suppliers, it is enough to register on the website and indicate the word "volcano" when registering in the registration comment . After registration, users will be given access to the appointment and conduct video conferences via the Internet.


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